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Susan Tracy McDaniel, M.Ed., EFT Cert I

Susan Tracy McDaniel, M.Ed., studied Psychology at Northwestern University and Education at Loyola College in Maryland. Susan is a Certified EFT practitioner. She is also a certified Montessori teacher with nearly thirty years of experience. She travels internationally as a teacher trainer, speaker, and consultant, teaching EFT tapping wherever she goes.​Susan has provided coaching to families for over 30 years, helping them make healthy changes. She is the founder of Learning Together, providing parenting classes and support. Susan has grown concerned as children and families face increased difficulty with defiant behavior, ADHD, autism, depression, divorce, food, and sleep issues. She has developed a series of intervention tools that she guides families through to achieve real change in their lives. The most effective of those is EFT.​Above all, Susan is a Christian, with a heart to serve those who are suffering. She has served the affluent and the poor, celebrities, and immigrants, from penthouses to homeless shelters. She has clients across the US and on other continents, meeting with them by telephone or Zoom. EFT was the direct answer to her desperate prayer, "God, how can I help?"


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EFT Cert-I Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Consultant

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